Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter Parodies

Well that's it. The books are finished and the movies are now over, but don't despair. As along as us Harry Potter fans are stay strong, Harry Potter will live on. Wow. That sounds a bit corny, but it's true. I want to show guys awesome examples how us fans are keeping Harry Potter alive

This is a sweet music video about the love between a Slytherin and Gryffindor. It makes think about the love Snape had for Lily.

I bet this was how you guys were like at the midnight premiere

Smosh made this video nuf' said. Oh don't worry about the thumbnail picture. That's a guy dressed as Hermione.

I love all the videos of Potter Puppet Pals. This one is my favorite.

Do you know that every the Quidditch World Cup for Muggles is hosted every year in New York? Click here to learn more. If you could would you join a quidditch team?

I haven't watch A Very Potter Musical yet, but I heard it's hilarious. It's 2 hours and 46 minutes long and there's a squeal. Click here to see a playlist of the playlist and here for its sequel.

What do you guys think about these videos?

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